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We are very happy to introduce our business as HM RED AND ROSE PACKERS AND MOVERS PVT. LTD. as Packing and Moving Industry. At HM RED AND ROSE PACKERS AND MOVERS PVT. LTD., we are offering Packing and Shifting solution for all types of Packing and Moving service everywhere in India. We are also giving most excellent offers and services for our valuable customers which are looking for loading and unloading services in their area.




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Moving House Checklist.

A step-by-step list to prepare for moving home

Find a removals company

Compare quotes from three credible removals companies to find the best deal.

Start packing

Pack non-essential items into secure boxes first and clearly label every box with it's contents to avoid confusion when unloading at your new home.

Confirm the moving date

Verify the moving date with all parties involved and notify your landlord of this date if you are currently renting

Arrange final meter readings and request final bills

Organise the final meter readings for water, gas and electricity, and request final bills from your telephone and broadband companies.

Find a storage company

Plan ahead to find a safe facility where you can store your items. Whittle offer secure storage for however long you need.

Organise child and pet care

Make arrangements for a family member or close friend to take care of your children or pets on moving day.

Check insurance policy

Make sure insurance is organised for moving day so your belongings are covered during transit.

Pack a 'survival kit'

Pack a bag of essential items which includes everything you will need on moving day

Notify companies of your address change

Inform utility companies, your bank, the Electoral Office, the DVLA and the Post Office of your address change so mail can be redirected

Keep important documents together

Make sure essential documents, such as passports and birth certificates, are kept together in a folder.

Declutter your home

Organise your belongings into separate piles - to keep, charity shop, throw away or sell.

Last minute checks

Do a final inspection of the property, take final meter readings and turn off all appliances.